ZJBENY DC Isolator 1000V 32A 4P with MC4 Connector


ZNBENY BYH Series DC Isolator Switch in plastic enclosure is applied 1~20KW Residential or Commercial Photovoltaic system, placed between photovoltage modules and inverters. Arcing time less than 3ms, that keep solar system more safe. To ensure its stability and long service life, our products are made by components with optimum quality. Max voltage up to 1000V DC It holds a safe lead among similar products.


IP66 , UV Resistance
Arcing Time < 3ms
Earth Terminal
IEC60947-3, AS60947.3
2 Pole, 4 Poles Available(Single | Double String)
DC-PV2 / DC-21B: 32A up to 1000VDC

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SKU BYH-32 w/ MC4 Connector