Data integrator and energy management system for solar, battery storage and controllable loads.

Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient vendor-agnostic interfacing to most solar and battery inverter systems, power meters, load controllers and sensor devices
  • Improved user experience with web and mobile portal for whole-of-site.
  • Utility grade security available in both communications and cloud platform
  • Flexible & vendor-agnostic solution improves cost-effectiveness and reduces technology and supply risk

Reported Information

All accessible data by supported inverters, chargers, charge controllers, battery management, power meter, and sensor devices, can be reported. This typically includes:

  • Battery state of charge
  • All power flows: active, reactive, apparent, phase by phase and aggregate
  • Grid real and reactive, voltage, current and frequency in real-time
  • Instantaneous, day, week, month and year historical records
  • DC-side voltages and currents for Solar and Battery
  • Asset and warranty related data (e.g. serial numbers, operating hours, device temperatures)
  • Device status and settings (including Grid code), fault logs and alarms

    Available on web and mobile portal, regular and custom reports, or CSV export.


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