SOLIS 4G 3 kW 1 Phase 1 MPPT w/Wifi 5+5, DC Switch built-in, 'Meter' interface (Solis-mini-3000-4G)


This product is available to be shipped or picked up at the following locations:

  • Sydney NSW
  • Fremantle WA
  • Geebung QLD
  • Melbourne VIC
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Solis-Mini-4G Single phase series string inverter are green power leader in affordable small residential and commercial rooftops, adopt full digital control technology, advanced topological structure and accurate MPPT algorithm, whose efficiency is higher than the industry’s leading conversion is up to 97.5% at the maximum.

Meanwhile adopt multiple protection functions,ultra-high switching frequency technology.

Leading Features

  • Max. efficiency 97.5%
  • Integrated DC Switch (meets AS 5033 standards)
  • Complies with Western Power, SA, VIC, QLD, and NSW grid
  • Integrate with adjustable Volt-Watt and Volt-Var function
  • DRM integrated, fully comply with AS4777.2:2015
  • Built-in DC-PV2 Switch (optional), comply with AS/NZS 5033
  • Support 24h consumption monitoring with a smart meter
  • Super high frequency switching technology
  • Precise MPPT algorithm
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Voltage active power and reactive power


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