SMA Sunny Tripower 5kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT with Wi-Fi inbuilt

by SMA

This product is available to be shipped or picked up at the following locations:

  • Sydney NSW
  • Fremantle WA
  • Geebung QLD
  • Melbourne VIC
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• One-person installation due to low weight of 17 kg
• Compact design means minimum space requirements

Easy to use
• 100% plug and play installation
• Free online monitoring via Sunny Places
• Automated service thanks to SMA Smart Connected

High yields
• Use of surplus energy through dynamic active power limitation
• Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak or integrated TS4-R

• Intelligent energy management and storage solutions can be
added anytime
• Can be combined with TS4-R components for module optimization

The new Sunny Tripower 3.0–6.0 ensures maximum energy yields for private homes. This inverter combines the integrated Service SMA Smart Connected service and intelligent technology for all ambient requirements. Thanks to its extremely light design, the device can be installed quickly and easily. The Sunny Tripower can be commissioned quickly via smartphone or tablet thanks to its
integrated web interface. For specific requirements on the roof, such as shading, the TS4-R module optimizers can be added into the system, with all communication and monitoring facilitated through the inverter. Current communication standards make the inverter future-proof, meaning intelligent energy management solutions as well as SMA storage solutions can be flexibly added anytime.

Integrated service for ease and comfort

SMA Smart Connected* is free monitoring of an inverter via the SMA Sunny Portal. If an inverter fails, SMA proactively informs the PV system owner and the installer. This saves valuable working time and costs.

With SMA Smart Connected, the installer benefits from rapid diagnoses by SMA. They can thus quickly rectify the fault and score points with the customer thanks to the additional, attractive services.

During registration of the system in the Sunny Portal, the installer activates SMA Smart Connected and benefits from automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.

SMA takes on the job of inverter monitoring with SMA Smart Connected. SMA automatically checks the individual inverters for anomalies around the clock during operation. Every customer thus benefits from SMA’s many years of experience.

After a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the installer and end customer immediately by email. Everyone is thus optimally prepared for the troubleshooting process. This minimizes downtime and saves time and money. Regular power reports also provide valuable information about the overall system.

If a replacement device is necessary, SMA automatically supplies a new inverter within one to three days of the fault diagnosis. The installer can contact the PV system operator of their own accord and replace the inverter. 

The PV system operator can claim compensation from SMA if the replacement inverter is not delivered within three days.


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