In Exciting News, Solar Outfitters Has Been Acquired by Supply Partners


Dear Valued Solar Outfitters Customers,

We’ve always focused on offering you high quality products and helpful service, backed by our passion for this great industry. This focus and passion continue with the following special announcement.

Today, we are excited to share with you that we have been acquired by national solar and energy storage distributor, Supply Partners. They’re an Australian owned business focused on offering products from diversified manufacturers that will stand the test of time and support Australians with local offices, warranties, and service. They’re ‘not just a box mover’ and we’re ready to join them in being your partner in the great Australian Energy Industry.

How does this transition benefit you?

Josh O'Connor will be your friendly partner in supply, offering a variety of new benefits through the Supply Partners business:
  • MORE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: You will have access to an expanded range of products from major brands with increased stock holdings in warehouses across Australia. Check out their Wholesale Pricelist here.
  • MORE SUPPORT: For over a decade, Supply Partners have been focused on being a Technical Distributor and have a team of over 35 people to support your business.
  • ACCESS TO CREDIT ACCOUNTS: Supply Partners have options to apply for Trade Credit Accounts customised to your business.
  • SALES SUPPORT: Supply Partners is providing sales support to solar companies to pivot to becoming energy companies focusing on hybrid deals with a battery with nearly every sale.

What do you need to know?

    1. How to order with Supply Partners/Solar Outfitters: This exciting acquisition gives you access to an experienced team of procurement and logistics operators. Simply send your supply requirements to Josh O'Connor and experience real service from a team that cares and will be there every step of the way.
    2. Solar Outfitters Website: Supply Partners have updated the Solar Outfitters website to show their market-leading brands. Their scale and volume will bring you offers not historically possible, please discuss your individual requirements with Josh O'Connor, 0477 022 179,
  2. PRICING: If you are a current customer of Solar Outfitters and/or Supply Partners and have customised pricing, please note that Josh O'Connor will be your point of contact to discuss a customised Supply Partners pricelist based on your unique business.
  3. PAYMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS: Any quoting, order updates, updated payment information and all other communications will come from the Supply Partners team going forward.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Josh O'Connor, 0477 022 We’re here to help.